Sunday 6th bike ride

Today we were going out for a short bike ride (I just couldn’t be bothered this morning – too tired) but after we got to Steeple Morden, I was tricked in to going further. So instead of around 10 miles the ride ended up at 17 miles.

So here is the route:

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Saw a fair few cyclists many of whom were very friendly.
Weather was dull, but I’ve got a nice tan (compared to my usual porcelain colour) this year due to all the cycling!

Sunday 16th bike ride

Today we decided to go on a different route, one which we did last year and haven’t done since. I was told we were only going out for a short ride (which is about 9 miles for us). 25 miles later(!) we got home… So here is the route we took today.

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We saw a lot of other cyclists today! But today there was one part of the bike ride where there was some rather close cars passing (one the road from Gamlingay to Potton). Ones to point out are K?51 HSC.. and V61 ??? The first who passed so close it was quite frankly dangerous.. and the second who beeped us (yes ok, one of us was near the centre line, but it wasn’t necessary) .

Sunday 9th bike ride

Since we are supposed to be training for the London to Cambridge we’ve got to start going out on our bikes more often!

So todays bike ride was like so:

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We saw quite a few fellow cyclists today and all the cars that past us did so giving us enough space! (Makes a change)

We got overtaken by a very fast runner heading towards ashwell station while we were having a short rest, so we had to chase the runner down and overtake 🙂