M&S Internet Banking Review

This is a review of the UI and functionality available on the M&S Internet Banking website.  I have not reviewed the app as I’ve never bothered to download it.

I opened my first M&S Current Account in 2015 and the internet banking platform hasn’t changed – that I know of, or could tell – in all that time.

The first screens you’re presented with are the login screens.  Here you enter a username, password and a magic number from the provided secure key generator.

The secure key generator device is minute.  If you have large fingers, you’re going to find it very fiddly.  Even with my small fingers, it’s quite difficult to use and you really have to press the buttons firmly to get them to register the press.

Having successfully navigated past logging in, you land on an account overview page.

On this landing page you have lots of links to do various actions, but you can’t view the last five transactions without navigating to another page.

Navigating into the Current Account, you’re presented with a transactions list with the most recent transaction at the bottom and the ability to filter the transactions with a date search range option right at the bottom of the page.

Againt there’s no option to perform quick actions – all actions can only be performed by going to another page via the links.

Note the menu options have changed to those relevant for the current account.

Looking into the regular saver attached to the account, you again get a list of recent transactions and the ability to filter to a specific date range.

Note the menu options have changed to those relevant for the regular savings account.

Looking at the Standing Orders and Direct Debits page shows a list with the ability to view more details, amend and delete depending on the transaction type.  You also have the option to create a standing order (as well as two other options as can be seen) from this page.

Navigating to amend an existing standing order gives the following view.

(Note there were three steps to amend a standing order, but I’ve only pictured one)

And clicking setup a new standing order looks like the following.

(Again only step one of three is shown)

There’s no option to select from an existing payee list when setting up a standing order, but you do have the ability to start the standing order on a different day from ongoing payments and select from various end date options.

And last but not least – the Make a Payment screens.

This is the Make a Payment overview page showing a list of the payees you have on the account.  You have the option to delete a payee or make a payment to the selected payee.

Clicking on pay an existing payee brings up the following page.



Of all the banking platforms I use, it’s the most awkward and least user friendly.  The lack of quick actions is inconvenient and the user interface could do with a large overhaul.

My star rating

2 out of 5
2 out of 5