Friday 9th bike ride

So yet another long bike ride. This is probably the last long bike ride before the London to Cambridge event! Total ride was 32.5 miles. Stopped for 30 minutes in total and it took just under 3 hours from door to door! Not bad!

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Southill road is pretty amazing. There’s a very large hill going down towards Cardington and as soon as you reach the top of the hill you have a clear view of the Cardington hangers.

Towards Millow from Biggleswade the thunder flies appeared and made it painful! The heat was also pretty intense. It happened to be one of the hottest days of the year and it was lucky we left early or we would have baked.

Tuesday 15th bike ride

After cycling to Arlesey on Monday, I needed to get a few supplies for my bike before the London to Cambridge event next month. So instead of using the car (which would cost £1.50), I decided to cycle to Biggleswade and back.

So my route was:

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It was quite possibly one of the windiest days I’ve been cycling this year! No matter what direction I was going in, it was a constant struggle. On the way back I was rather weighed down with all the shopping I’d bought at ASDA, so I learnt a lesson, take a better backpack.

I bought another water carrier for the seat post, a CO2 pump with 4 spare cartridges and an inner tube, so hopefully I now have enough kit to fix two bikes.

Sunday 6th bike ride

Today we were going out for a short bike ride (I just couldn’t be bothered this morning – too tired) but after we got to Steeple Morden, I was tricked in to going further. So instead of around 10 miles the ride ended up at 17 miles.

So here is the route:

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Saw a fair few cyclists many of whom were very friendly.
Weather was dull, but I’ve got a nice tan (compared to my usual porcelain colour) this year due to all the cycling!