Blue Tit bird box – 2011 – babies!

Our bird box Blue Tit nest has 5 little babies this morning! There are still 3 eggs to be hatched. The babies aren’t the prettiest things, but are fairly active and being fed often.

I’d recommend turning the sound down before playing any of the following videos as the webcam cannot cope with the wind around today.

Mother bird looking at babies

Babies moving around

Blue Tit bird box – 2001 – first video

We have had a bird box for three years. The first year it was on the back of the house, but it drove my cat crazy every time the Blue Tit flew in and out of the box. We then moved it for the next year to the front of the house, but didn’t get a visitor last year. I didn’t think we would get anything at all as it’s on the side where it gets most sun, but about October last year (2010) we started to get a visitor every night. This year the Blue Tit (we presume the one who used it as a shelter over the winter) has started to build a nest and I’ve finally configured my PC to motion record with sound 🙂

So here is the first clip, albeit not very interesting