Retirement Countdown Clock App

I posted my first app to the Microsoft Store last weekend. It took me about 8 days to write, most of which was trying to learn about XAML and C#… (the resources on the internet aren’t as easy as trying to find out about Java in my opinion).

I got a little bit (too) excited today when I found out it’d been downloaded 6 times! hehe

The app I’ve created is a Retirement Countdown Clock.  When the user configures their retirement date, it will display the number of calendar days and estimated working days until that person retires.

I won’t tell you how many calendar days until I can retire (assuming I haven’t won the lottery before then) as it’s well over ten thousand! Here’s an example picture on a mobile device.


My thanks goes to the two people I demonstrated it to in it’s early form who suggested the working days feature.

Store link: