VSF Simple Stats

I’ve been using the JQ Quick Stats for some time now and have been thinking ever since I started that it could do with at least one major improvement! And that is to accept an ip range. So my plug-in is built on Quick Stats but has other features.

VSF Simple Stats

Records all hits to your website, but excludes hits from IPs that have been added to the filter list. IP addresses can be filtered individually or as a range from the admin page.

The stats that this plugin generates are basic. They do however allow you to see exactly who has been visiting (IP, host, browser) in real-time. This information is exceedingly useful when used in conjunction with VSF Simple Block and Bad Behavior to reduce nuisance visits. If you want full graphical stats though, use Googles Analytics. This is not designed to be a replacement for GA.


WordPress 3.0+ (but it will probably work on lower versions)
MySQL (as there is a query which will probably not port as is)

Screen shots

simple stats image 1

simple stats image 2

simple stats image 3

Version History

0.8 – 15/06/2011 Added in ability to add custom search query parameters in to the admin page. This means that if there are visitors coming from a search engine that isn’t known, like the sites own, it can be added manually.
0.7 – 09/01/2011 Add in serach terms box on the stats page for the main search engines. Might upgrade this in future to allow custom search param to be added to a separate table so as to extend this functionality for search engines that use something other than p or q to indicate search terms.

0.6 – 27/09/2010 Re-design of the interface on the admin and stats pages. Database table upgrade so the tables are used more efficiently.

0.5 – 30/07/2010 Added import and export feature of the addresses in the filter table. Since I have multiple installs and use this plugin everywhere, I need a facility for importing and exporting the list of filtered IP ranges.

0.4 – 28/07/2010 All strings are now ready for internationalisation.

0.3 – 23/07/2010 Add reset button for stats to the admin page and to the stats page. Tidy up code and change the admin layout slightly. Improve checking of the description field.

0.2.1 – 22/07/2010 Made the plugin activation better by adding an activation hook instead of checking installation everywhere. Should improve performance (slightly) and improve first activation / installation.

0.2 Slight modification to plug-in name.

0.1 Initial version.

Please consider donating!

If you’ve found this plug-in helpful, please consider donating! Buy me something from my wish list: Amazon.co.uk wish list. That way I’ll feel more inclined to add new features and fix bugs!


Current version – MD5 Hash 1e8ac22f89c0af0c9c0ed391d583c8c4 (I think)

The plug-in is also available from wordpress.org and can be found here!