Army 2002

Back in the summer of 2002 we went to an event organised by the British army – Army 2002. The event was held on Salisbury Plain and comprised of field full of exhibits and a live fire event in the afternoon! I’ve just been going through my old photographs to archive old videos and thought I’d share some of the images and videos.

One of the most impressive displays was the Apache Helicopter complete with full arsenal laid out in front!

The live firepower demonstration was quite simply amazing! I took over 40 short clips of the demonstration and have uploaded 4 to youtube. (Unfortunately digital cameras weren’t that good back then) .  We were all given earplugs for the demonstration and at one point I took them out and regretted it…



Home Grown Vegetables

These are just some of the amazing romano peppers that we’ve been growing this year. There are 10 plants, all grown from seed. We nearly lost all the plants when they were moved to the green house due to the intense heat we had the same weekend. Luckily, despite a few of the plants losing all their leaves, they all recovered and the peppers have been great. It certainly seems to have been a better crop than the previous three years, probably due to feeding them with tomorite.

Home Grown Peppers

There is also one chilli plant which is on the floor of the green house, two potato plants in bags and over a hundred onions! We find that each year we grow more and more onions and yet they still all seem to be eaten by April.  Hopefully this years lot will last longer.

Home Grown Vegetables

Annoyed at recent change to EuroMillions

I’ve played the EuroMillions draw for the last 2 years. I don’t drink and don’t smoke, so spend around £5 a week on lottery tickets instead. The EuroMillions draw was change a number of weeks ago to include a new draw on Tuesdays, but the runners also changed the numbers that could be picked. Instead of 1-50 and 1-9, the numbers have been changed to 1-50 and 1-11. Now this change might seem very small, but the statistical probability of someone winning the jackpot has deceased as a result. As such, instead of a handful of people winning say £17m each, we now get a lot more situations where single person (in five weeks) stands to win £100m, meaning that less people actually win a decent amount of money to retire on.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day..