Blue Tit bird box – 2001 – first video

We have had a bird box for three years. The first year it was on the back of the house, but it drove my cat crazy every time the Blue Tit flew in and out of the box. We then moved it for the next year to the front of the house, but didn’t get a visitor last year. I didn’t think we would get anything at all as it’s on the side where it gets most sun, but about October last year (2010) we started to get a visitor every night. This year the Blue Tit (we presume the one who used it as a shelter over the winter) has started to build a nest and I’ve finally configured my PC to motion record with sound 🙂

So here is the first clip, albeit not very interesting

RSPB Big Garden bird watch

We decided to take part in the BGBW this year, so today at 11am we set about recording the max number of each particular type of bird we could see in our garden.

Just 5 minutes before we started we had a pheasant (Mr grey head) in the garden, but he wondered off before the count began.

Our results were interesting!

Black Bird 3
Blue Tit 4
Chaffinch 3
Collared Dove 2
Dunnock 1
Goldfinch 4
Great spotted woodpecker 1
Great tit 3
Greenfinch 3
Long-tailed tit 10
Magpie 1
Robin 1
Sparrow 6
Starling 9
Black Squirrel 1
Grey Squirrel 2


We knew we had two local grey squirrels as we have a squirrel feeding box and happened to see two in the garden last week. It was great to see them again this week. But we were exceedingly surprised by the appearance of the black squirrel at the same time!

As for the number of long tailed tit – we just happened to have a mob arrive all at one time. They stayed on the apple tree for a few minutes, eating the fat ball and peanuts, then left.

Just need to upload the results now, but the RSPB results page seems to have crashed.

Looking forward to next year’s survey now.