6th Power Cut In 2 Months Causes Networking Crisis In My House!!

Yesterday morning I woke up and checked my email from my phone (as I normally do)… I’d received no emails overnight which was a bit odd and then noticed that I’d switched off 4G the night before and didn’t have a Wifi connection.

Since I have a Wifi access point in my room, that was a little strange. The phone was stuck in “Obtaining IP Address” mode… Maybe the phone’s having problems with that access point.

I wandered off downstairs to feed the cats and noticed the oven times were blinking 00:00 – great, power cut… 6th in less than 2 months!! The dashboard in the kitchen was showing nothing with all the Splunk panels saying failed to create search… Refreshed the dashboard – still nothing, infact Splunk is down, not even an nginx failure! Uh-Oh…

It turns out that the pfsense box had got stuck during boot and required someone to press f1 to continue booting – not very helpful! Unfortunately I didn’t know this until about 3pm and had hastily ordered a new SSD before popping out to go shopping as I thought perhaps the boxes SSD had failed 🙁

It’s certainly made me wonder if a UPS might be a good idea!