Price I’ve paid for petrol since mid 2008

I’ve kept track of the price I’ve paid for petrol since mid 2008. I started collecting the data when I noticed the price of petrol had risen a fair bit from when I got my first car. Here’s the full spreadsheet for the anyone who wants to look at the details, but some key facts:

  • I’ve spent over £17,610 on fuel since the 21st May 2008!
  • That’s over 14500 litres of fuel
  • The highest price I’ve paid is 140.9 pence (ouch!)
  • The lowest price I’ve paid, 85.9 pence
  • And one time I managed to fill my car with 52.63 litres of petrol (and I thought it had a 50 litre tank until then!)

(For the eagle eyed – there appears to be an anomaly on the 6th May 2012, but other than that, all the other points are correct)