Why the news about Tesco Bank today doesn’t surprise me!

There’s a headline on the BBC that has caught my eye today – “Tesco Bank blames ‘systematic sophisticated attack’ for account losses” – and I’m not at all surprised given my experience back in 2009 when I had a Tesco Bank credit card account.

In 2006, before I got my first proper (full time) job, I opened a credit card account with Tesco. Once the card arrived and all was well, I proceeded to set up online banking as it’s the most convenient method of operating accounts and gave the new account a unique password – as I do for all my accounts!

Roll on 2009 – I got home from work one day to find an envelope from Tesco Bank with a copy (not the original) of one of my statements… A brief “Huh?” moment and thought nothing of it, shredded it and forgot about it.

Then a while later I received a second copy of one of my statements and alarm bells rang!!

I rang Tesco Bank, asked why I’d recevied a copy of my statement, to which the advisor said they didn’t know, but I ordered it. I asked the advisor what the date and time was and I was given a date and time while I was sitting in a clients meeting room regarding a project we were working on… I was not impressed. I questioned how it was possible given that I was in that meeting with no phone or internet and was advised that perhaps I’d given my account details to someone else!! To which I replied, you have a problem with security and I want to close my account now.

I was never asked any further questions by the advisor and no one ever contacted me afterwards, so I can only assume the advisor thought I was nutty… but I know for a fact that the account details were never shared, unique and very unlikely to have been guessed.