Feeling a little poorer but browsing the internet a lot quicker!

Back in 2014, I posted that I’d bought a 4G router having reached the point with my home broadband where it would go no faster…!  http://blog.v-s-f.co.uk/2014/10/fed-up-of-waiting-for-superfast-broadband/

I’ve used eight 6GB EE sims since I bought the router, but those sims were costing too much and I’d stopped buying them after summer 2015.

At the end of 2015, when I was considering selling the 4G router, I managed to get one of the Christmas 2015 deals which allowed me to find out how much data I’d need if I were to get a contract.

In those 2 months, we used under 20GB each month, despite using Youtube for streaming music and downloading a bunch of Sky HD programs.  I therefore worked out any contact would have to have 20GB+ of data per month, but most importantly be affordable! (ideally £25 or less)

A week ago, I received my 32GB, £28 a month sim and have been enjoying 10+Mb/s* speeds since 🙂

It is more than I hoped to pay per month, but I’ll be swapping over to a cheaper and bigger data tariff as soon as  see one!


* the WAN connections are load balanced, but the 4G connection is set to take more of the load than the ADSL