PhpMyAdmin Export

I’ve just transferred hosts this week and everything had gone reasonably well (except a dns setting on this domain…). That was until about 30 minutes ago when I posted a new article and went and checked the old related articles only to realise that they were corrupted!

I frantically went into my new host, into the database and there was a lack of data in the database posts table! The transfer was 3 days ago, so that might explain why traffic has dropped off… the re-spidering of the site would have removed half of the text…

I went onto my previous host (which I’ve still got access to for another month luckily) and looked in the database. The content in the posts table was unaffected. So I checked the exported SQL file. The file contains weird characters where a ‘ (apostrophe) has been used.


A very quick google search and it turns out PhpMyAdmin had not exported in the format I’d thought it would. A second export, using the custom option this time as exported the database correctly in UTF-8.
Now I have to fix two other databases and re-type my post from 30 minutes ago 🙁