Why does it take the Student Loan Company so long to update balance?

I have a student loan like the majority of past university students. Every month from my salary a certain amount of money is taken off automatically by HMRC and allocated to the paying off of your student loan. I’m one of those people that likes to know how much I have left on a loan or in my bank accounts at the minimum monthly and where possible weekly. But with the Student Loans Company, your lucky if the figure is updated yearly!

This is the current balance for my student loan, taken today

If you look in the top right hand corner, this is the balance as of end of March 2011! (end of tax year) What’s going on!? How long does it take to update to 2012’s tax year??

** Update 20/09/2012 **

Someone must have seen my post 😉 (doubt it, but it is coincidental timing). Today I’ve checked the balance and it seems they’ve updated the record to April 2012! Amazing! Not liking my new balance, but hey ho…