Clever Squirrels

We noticed the other day that one of the grey squirrels was checking out the ground below the bird table for peanuts. i joked that maybe the squirrel was rather smart and had lifted the acrylic screen and released all the peanuts from the squirrel feeding box. But we laughed it off as a little far fetched. Two days later, we actually watched the squirrel doing just that! The box has now been modified so the screen cannot be lifted.

We also noticed that all the peanut feeders in the garden had been chewed by the squirrel. The one on the apple tree had to be cut 2 cm shorter and hung using kite string to try to prevent the squirrel using it as a source of food. Despite being difficult for the squirrel, it seems to have found a way to continue feeding from the peanut feeder (see video below).

So we seem to have a number of very clever squirrels in our area!