Tuesday 22nd bike ride – Bike2Work Stevenage

Tuesday was bike 2 work day in Stevenage.

I started off at 6.10 am and it was fairly nippy outside – 15C. It took until Radwell to get my muscles warmed up, so the first hill was a bit of a challenge.

The traffic wasn’t too bad and there was only one car (taxi) that didn’t pass with ample room.

The route I took was as follows (below) on the way there. On the way back I cut across from just outside of Radwell back to Hinxworth as I was shattered and too hot to attempt the Ashwell hill.
Total Distance 26.5 miles.

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It took 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the bike 2 work meeting point, but I forgot to check how long it took to get back.

There were about 20 people milling about at the meeting point. Goody bags were being handed out to those who wanted one. The goody bag included lots of leaflets a bike clip (?) and a chocolate bar. If you wanted a free breakfast, you were given a coin and could get anything from the sandwich van. I opted for just getting a carton of Ribena as I didn’t want to eat anything substantial before going back.

Also at the event was CEMEX who were demonstrating how little lorries can see of cyclists from their cab. A black mat in front of the cab showed where the bling spot was. The lorry had been fitted with a special mirror that allowed the lorry driver to see in to that blind spot.

The ride back was exceedingly bumpy as I tried to use the pavement between Graveley and Baldock to avoid the traffic. Somehow the screen on my phone got a nice crack across it 🙁

Images courtesy of CEMEX UK.