Price I’ve paid for petrol since mid 2008

I’ve kept track of the price I’ve paid for petrol since mid 2008. I started collecting the data when I noticed the price of petrol had risen a fair bit from when I got my first car. Here’s the full spreadsheet for the anyone who wants to look at the details, but some key facts:

  • I’ve spent over £17,610 on fuel since the 21st May 2008!
  • That’s over 14500 litres of fuel
  • The highest price I’ve paid is 140.9 pence (ouch!)
  • The lowest price I’ve paid, 85.9 pence
  • And one time I managed to fill my car with 52.63 litres of petrol (and I thought it had a 50 litre tank until then!)

(For the eagle eyed – there appears to be an anomaly on the 6th May 2012, but other than that, all the other points are correct)

Dart Charge Number Plate Lookup

My mum used the Dartford crossing back in August 2015 and paid the charge prior to her crossing.  At the time she paid the charge, the online form didn’t have the recently added “Find vehicle” button, so she entered what she thought was her number plate, but made one small character mistake.

Roll on December 2015 and she received a penalty notice!  Rather flustered about having to pay a fine charge on top of the payment she’d already made, I phoned the number and found out that since it was the first offence, you could simply pay the “missed” payment amount.

What was wrong with the online form at the time was that there wasn’t an option to check that the number plate you’d entered was valid.  A rather simple addition… but it must have made the govenment quite a bit of money in fines!

It’s good to see this has now been changed and there’s a “Find vehicle” button which searches for the vehicle description.

What it does show though is that if there’s an API available to display more information about user entered data – in this case DVLA lookup – consider providing this as a feature to your users to prevent mistakes.

haha, very funny… I’m not THAT old… (yet)

Back in August, just before going on holiday, I received a piece of post which when I first opened it, I first thought was the best prank my sister could possibly play! Then I saw the photo card and realised it was real…

I’d just receive my buss pass… Now, I’ve been told I look older than I am before, but up until then, no one had said I looked 60+. However, the buss pass, despite having all my details (name, address) wasn’t mine as the photo looks nothing like me – thankfully!

When I got back from holiday I decided to find out why I’d been sent the letter. I rang the Herts county council on the number listed at the top of the page to complain that someone had sent me a buss pass that had all my details, but the picture wasn’t me and that I was not in my thirties yet, but the council never got back to me…

So, since the council doesn’t mind using my details, I thought I’d share the letter with the internet