Solar Panels!

I had my solar panels switched on today! I’ve wanted solar panels or a wind turbine for over 3 years now and finally have my own.

The process started in July this year when I decided to find out the true cost of installation. I contacted a local building firm who came the next month to give a quote. After that a neighbour recommended getting some more quotes and three more later I’d chosen the company I wanted to use.

I chose to go with Ecohouse (although two other quotes were real contenders*) as my neighbour used them and he highly recommended their installation team. I signed up and sent my deposit mid September and installation has taken place this week. There have been a number of small issues during the installation (E.g. asbestos), so instead of taking a day the installation was spaced over 5 days, but the quality of installation is fantastic, the installers very friendly and I’d highly recommend them myself.

Details about the system:
250W Suntech solar panels – Total 4kwh peak
SMA Sunnyboy 3800 inverter with Sunny beam wireless monitor

* Eco-energyUK and BSG Property Services